Central Heating Installation in Essex

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Problems with your Central Heating?

Underfloor heating

Under floor heating (UFH) works by turning the entire floor area of each room into a large, low surface temperature radiator. Once the floor’s temperature rises above that of the surrounding air, heat is emitted evenly from across its surface, leaving no cold spots and creating minimal draughts

Because the surface area of the floor is large, it does not have to be heated to the same high temperature as a radiator in order to emit sufficient heat to make the room comfortable.

Heat is delivered into the floor by incorporating either pipe coils carrying a flow of warm water, or electric heating elements, within the floor structure. Most people find that UFH is a very comfortable way to heat their home. The floor temperature is pleasant underfoot — only 2-3°C warmer than the desired room temperature and never hot.

Central heating specialists – Brentwood

Central heating systems provide warmth to the whole or a portion of a building, from one point to multiple rooms in order to control the buildings climate.

We can tailor make heating systems to suit your specification to the smallest details. The material we use is of the highest grade from the leading retailers.

We can provide and fit Venus designed radiators from the old school type to new panel radiators varying in sizes, all provided with thermostatic radiator valves so that the temperature can be controlled independently from room to room.

The radiators come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Standard room? A Standard room would be classed as a living room, kitchen or bathroom within a normally insulated property.

Our heating services:

  • We can upgrade your old central heating system saving you money and time
  • We can convert old conventional systems (cylinder header tanks) to new combination boilers
  • We can covert old gas guzzling back boilers to new combination boiler systems giving you instant hot water
  • We fit all central heating systems in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions giving you the maximum efficiency and safety
  • We can fit more heating controls internal and external, depending on your requirements
  • We do repair, servicing and maintenance

Conservatory? A conservatory is classed as a high heat loss area and requires more heating pipe per meter than standard rooms.

The pipe spacing for conservatories and areas of high heat loss is 200mm to pipe centers, this will give you a heat output of around 140w pm2.

Multiple rooms If your project is more than one room but you still require a low cost off the shelf water under floor heating system then our multiple room kits are perfect for you.

Multiple room kits include all the pumps and correct sized manifolds to install in many rooms.

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