Fun Outdoor Activities In Billericay

There are places in Billericay that offer fun outdoor activities. You can visit this places while in Billericay for a fun and adventurous day. It’s good to have fun in a while and forget stress at work, read more below.

The Burstead Golf Club

Located in the heart of a traditional English village, The Burstead Golf Club in Billericay combines an excellent Golf Course, together with practice facilities and hospitality. Designed by the renowned architect Patrick Tallack in 1993, The Burstead begins at the source of the River Crouch and is set on a classic parkland landscape with adjoining rolling fields, ancient woodland and hedgerows creating a challenging golf course.

Both accomplished and less experienced golfers will relish the pleasures of a maturing and satisfying course that abounds in challenging features; woodland, water, naturally sweeping fairways and carefully crafted greens that make for a golfing experience to remember.

Lake Meadows

Lake Meadows has long been the spiritual home of Billericay Round Table Fireworks Event which raises thousands of pounds every year on Guy Fawkes night for local charitable causes. The park in recent years has been complemented by the formation of a group called “Friends of Lake Meadows” whose good works have beautified the park further.

Lake Meadows is a stunning place to walk the dog, meet friends, take the children or grandchildren for a picnic and some rides in the playground, or to just slowly stroll and take in the beautiful surroundings. With its, ancient trees, mixed water birds and gigantic water fountains, it is the ideal place to escape the madness of everyday life.

Snakes Alive

Snakes alive was set up in 1996 and were one of the first companies offering interactive children’s parties with a variety of reptiles. 20 years later it has grown to provide a variety of reptile services and host the largest Reptile House in Essex. The company is currently run by father and son team Peter and Daniel Hepplewhite. Understanding the nature and features of reptiles, insects and arachnids is imperative to our line of work and sharing this information enables others to make informed decisions about the treatment of these animals in the wild and in captivity.

Whether you want to play golf, sit in the park or touch some snake. Billericay has tons of activities and places you can visit. Visit any of the listed outdoor activity in Billericay and you are assured that you will have a good time!