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Avoid Plumbing Problems With These Preventive Maintenance Tips

Plumbing problems can occur from time to time like broken pipes, clogged drainage, water heater running cold, faucet leaks, what do you do? Do you prefer avoiding this plumbing problems? Understanding this problems and performing preventive maintenance can help you avoid this problems from occurring. Your first step in involving yourself in preventive maintenance is knowing everything that is included in your water system. These are everything that uses water in your home, such as the sinks in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry/utility room, your appliances such as the refrigerator, garbage disposal and washing machine, toilets, showers, and your water heater. All of these can be maintained to prevent plumbing problems from getting out of hand. Plumber Chelmsford are experts in doing plumbing jobs if you need help sorting out your plumbing problem give us a call.

Here are some preventive tips you can use to avoid plumbing problems

Check the hoses for signs of cracks, brittleness, or leaking. Replace your hoses as needed. If you have a septic tank, you should have it regularly inspected. Add pumping your septic tank to your list as an important part of maintenance.

If you have a sewer system, it is good to understand how your lines run and inspect for tree roots that could potentially damage your sewer lines. A preventative measure would be to have your sewer lines snaked periodically to avoid clogging. Chelmsford Plumbing And Heating are experts in handling sewer checks and maintenance to ensure no problems will occur.

Fix leaking faucets and showerheads. Dripping faucets can waste a lot of water and that can add to your bill. And if you don’t fix a dripping faucet or showerhead, the drip can get worse over time. Those problems can cause water damage. To prevent problems, check your facets regularly for leaks and make repairs as needed. Check the handles to make sure no water drips when the handles are turned to the off position and check underneath the sinks for water stains or drips when the water is running.

Fix leaking toilets. Sometimes a faulty seal around the valve seat can cause your toilet to run even when it is not flushed. Over time, gunk will form around the valve seat and flapper. This gunk will prevent the flapper to seal properly, which will cause the water to continue to run. Another problem could be with the handle or tank stopper. The repair that is needed is often quick and inexpensive maintenance. To avoid high maintenance call Chelmsford Plumbing And Heating to address your toilet problems easily.

Unclog slow drains. When the water is slow to drain there may be a problem. Before it gets out of hand, use a homemade mixture of vinegar and hot water to flush down the drain and unclog any debris. This preventative maintenance tip can be done every few months and will get the drain flowing again.

Look inside the burner chamber of your water heater. You shouldn’t see any flakes of rust inside of the chamber. And verify the flame of the water heater is a blue color with no signs of yellow in the flame. If you see a yellow color, this may mean that the jets need to be cleaned.

Follow these simple tips and you can prevent further plumbing problems.

Heating System Safety Tips

A proper home heating in Brentwood is a must in order to survive those chilly nights. It could keep you comfortable when the temperature goes down. But heating systems can also be a hazard due to malfunctioning and can cause fire on homes in Chelmsford. It is advisable to keep your heating systems in its top condition and follow proper maintenance tips. You might also need the help of experts like Chelmsford Plumbing And Heating. They can help you maintain your heating system at home and keep it in top condition. Here are certain easy to follow safety tips keeping, if kept in mind, will help you ensure a secure environment for your family members and maintain home safety without any problem.

  • Follow the Fireplace Safety Tips – Make sure to follow the fireplace safety tips thoroughly at home. Keep a sturdy screen in front of the fireplace so that the sparks don’t flow into the living room. If you are planning to put the fire ashes into a covered metal container, be sure to cool it properly. Don’t put these ashes into a plastic container. Also, keep these ashes at a safe distance from your home. Chelmsford Heating And Plumbing can keep your heating system always safe at all costs.
  • Clean the Chimney – If the heating system at your place has a chimney, make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. If it’s not in regular use, there are high chances that you suddenly discover a small animal, with its nest, residing in your chimney. If you think that it’s not possible for you to check the chimney on your own, consider getting in touch with a heating contractor, who has experience of cleaning chimneys thoroughly. However, be sure to clean the chimney before you use it for the first time this winter.
  • Follow the Safety Tips for Heating Equipment– Consider contacting a qualified heating contractor like Essex Plumbing And Heating for installing the stationary space heating equipment or the central heating equipment. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing a wood burning stove. Make sure you keep the portable generators away from your house in order to avoid accidents.
  • Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries – A properly maintained smoke detector is a must If there is a smoke detector in your heating system, be sure to change the batteries at frequent intervals, ideally twice a year. If you have not been doing this consistently, do it before turning on the furnace for the first time. You should remember that heating equipment fires often happen to be one of the most common causes of home fires. If you change the batteries of the smoke detector, it will function properly and all your family members will be notified as soon a fire occurs.
  • Have Your Furnace Checked – Make sure you contact a professional heating contractor to get your furnace checked thoroughly, at frequent intervals. Doing this will allow you to have some peace of mind regarding the efficiency of the heating system. If you are based in Chelmsford, there is no reason to worry since you can easily find a reliable and reputed local HVAC contractor Chelmsford Plumbing And Heating. Be sure to explain the exact problems to the professional, if there are any. This will help him solve the problems better and faster.
  • Turn Portable Heaters Off – Before you go to sleep or go out of the house you need to make sure portable heaters are off. It doesn’t really make sense to keep the heater on when you are not indoors. At the same time, you won’t be able to notice if there is a fire hazard when you are sleeping. Make sure you use the home heating systems properly and turn those off when these are not being monitored. This will help you ensure complete security for your home.